Anger Chart – Healthy Process for dealing with Strong Emotions

In our chapter titled The Intelligence of Emotions, it features an Anger Chart that shows a healthy process for dealing with strong emotions. While doing the radio show and discussing anger and the chart, many people called asking for a copy. Many people find themselves feeling very intense emotions while parenting their children. Parenting can certainly raise the stress levels to an all time high. What Dr. Miller and I talk about in this chapter is the importance of paying attention to underlying feelings. Those feelings are there to tell you what needs aren’t being met. If you can catch them and try to meet some of those needs, there is a much greater chance of controlling behaviour when the strong emotions come up.
Our chart uses the word anger as an acronym and encourages people to pay attention to the early warning signs. When you notice yourself going there, get out, gear down and don’t deal with issues until you have reached the voice of reason!

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