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Cancellation Policy:

48 hours notice is required for a reimbursement of your course fee minus a service charge of 20%. We can also credit your seat for the next course regardless of the notice given.

Free returning seats can be accessed if you have taken the evening course in the last five years. The venue where the returning seats are offered is only at the Wednesday Evening classes held at Spectrum Community School, where we have the room. We allow ten returning seats per course so let us know early.

Why Choose LIFE

Our goal is to empower parents and professionals through our educational courses, workshops, books, and articles. These courses are for all aged kids but more so for all families.

Proven Results

Many people describe LIFE Seminars as life changing and as having a tremendous positive impact on future generations.

Get answers directly from a professional

There is nothing quite like having a seasoned professional present and answer your questions, compared to prepackaged programs.


Backed by years of research the LIFE’s materials and philosophies are renowned for teaching people to go deeper and beyond quick fixes.


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Dr. Allison Rees

Author, educator, coach, counsellor and mother of two young adults.

As a seasoned professional, she takes the subject of parenting to a deeper level than mainstream programs.

Allison Rees has been teaching LIFE Seminars courses since 1993. Countless parents and Web Head Shot Warm (2)professionals attend these popular courses in Victoria through word of mouth alone. LIFE Seminars has become one of the largest and longest running parenting programs in the world running for over 30 years with an average of 100 parents attending each eight week course.

Allison’s presentations are down to earth, honest and to the point. Lectures are packed with insights, humour and rich interactions with the audience. While her subjects are pre-planned, her lectures are not which is why people don’t tire of the material when they repeat the courses. She has supported thousands of families in this community and is rapidly expanding her knowledge to other professionals worldwide.

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Our Online Courses

You can have the LIFE materials guide you through your parenting for years to come. Sign up and you will become a supported member of Allison’s online community with weekly check-ins, new materials, articles and more.

Sidestepping the Power Struggle

  • Consists of seven classes on video and the entire Sidestepping workbook
  • Individual chapters can be purchased
  • Explore your child’s temperament (and yours)
  • Understand who you are parenting
  • Learn effective strategies to solve family problems
  • Avoid unhealthy patterns

Sibling Rivalry

  • Individual chapter
  • A deeper look at sibling rivalry and effective approaches.
  • How do we contribute to sibling rivalry as parents?
  • How do we help our kids move toward healthier relationships?
  • Practical ideas
  • Avoid unhealthy patterns

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To Discipline or Disciple?
Cut it Out!

What is discipline? One definition is to obtain obedience by using punishment and reward? If you think that word still fits, you might want to, Cut it Out! It might be time for a new word or at least a new twist to that word...

Temper Tantrums

Many normal, wonderful preschoolers have intense and frightening temper tantrums as a way of dealing with frustration, anger and telling the adults in their lives that they aren’t the boss of them!

What were you thinking?

I often joke with parents in my classes about the expression my face has grown accustomed to wearing around my teens. It’s a neutral look, free of judgment and negative emotion. With amazing self-control, it manages to stay there...

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